Netwerk van milieuprofessionals
Netwerk van milieuprofessionals


VVM, network of environmental professionals

President: Mrs Vera Dalm
CEO: Mrs Rachel Heijne

VVM, netwerk van milieuprofessionals
P.O.Box 19039
3501 DA  Utrecht


Rachel Heijne, Directeur

Tinus Pulles

VVM Secretariat
Phone: +31 30 2322989
Fax: +31 30 2328041

ABOUT THE VVM, Dutch network of environmental professionals


By integrating the various professional specialities and views on the environment, the VVM, Dutch network of environmental professionals wants to give new impetus to the development of environmental policy to the solution of environmental problems. Independence, quality and opportunities for discussion are prominent within the scope of activities in which the association is enrolled.

The VVM stimulates the co-operation between individuals and institutions that work in the field of environment. The same is true for the development of environmentology as an interdisciplinary science. Next to it, the association looks after the interests of the group of the Netherlands environmental professionals in the field of education and labour market questions.


The VVM is a network of policymakers in the civil service, industry, executives, professionals, academics and trainees. The professional background of the members is rather divers: the VVM is the home base for, amongst others, lawyers, planners, public administrators, toxicologists, environmental technologists, biologists and civil engineers. The Association has about 2000 members.


The VVM is an association with a General Board, consisting of eleven members. The Board convenes six times a year. The composition of the Board is so, that all mayor fields of the environment and working fields are represented. The Board prepares the policy of the Association and guards the financial and managerial activities of the Association.

The President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer together form the Executive Board of the Association.

The office responds to inquiries, maintains the members and financial administration, liaisons with the Board, supports with managerial and substantive contributions the activities of VVM and maintains the VVM-network.


The VVM has established over 20 sections, dedicated to Waste; Soil; Corporate Sustainable Responsibility; Energy; Ethics; Safety; Noise and Vibrations; Health; Environmental Quality; Air and Climate Change; Communication; Environmental Impact Assessment; Education and Employability; Young; Licences and Enforcement; Traffic and Transport; Biodiversity; Water; Biobased Society.

Each section brings together a group of members with the same thematic interests. Each section has an extensive network of relations at its disposal. The sections organise on a regular basis thematic days, symposia and discussion-evenings on current environmental issues.


The VVM organises a broad spectrum of activities to stimulate the discussions amongst environmental professionals and to generate new impulses. The VVM wants to enhance the networks amongst the people in their professional field. The VVM organises yearly numerous discussion and study gatherings, symposia, excursions, training sessions and of course the big Annual Association Conference. These gatherings are an excellent way to meet environmental professionals from various professions and divers specialities. Where possible gatherings are organised in collaboration with other organisations. This fits very well in the vision of the VVM to integrate perceptions.


Milieu, the VVM-members periodical, is issued eight times a year and is of a size of 48 pages in Dutch. Apart from association news, Milieu contains opinion-forming articles on topical issues, with opportunities for challenging points-of-view. Milieu is a periodical by and for environmental professionals.

Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences(JIES) is a journal of and founded by the VVM. JIES aims to provide a stimulating, informative and critical forum for intellectual debate on significant environmental issues. It brings together perspectives from a wide range of disciplines and methodologies in both the social and natural sciences in the effort to develop integrative knowledge about the processes responsible for environmental change. The Journal is especially concerned with the relationships between science, society and policy and a key aim is to advance understanding of the theory and practice of sustainable development.

Individual members of VVM, ENEP and EFCA are eligible to receive the journal at a preferential subscription rate. Please contact the publisher for futher details.


The members of VVM obtain discount on all activities, organised by VVM. The same applies to activities, organised in collaboration with other organisations. On top of that, VVM members eligible for discount on some important periodicals in the field of environmental policy.


The VVM has regular members, student-members, pensioners and corporate members. The annual membership-fee for regular members is 125 euro; for student-members and graduates up to 25 years of age 40 euro and for pensioners 80 euro. These prices are valid for 2013. Subscription fees are reviewed annually. If you are interested in joining the VVM, contact our secretariat.