Verband der Betriebsbeauftragten e.V
Verband der Betriebsbeauftragten e.V


President: Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Schwager
CEO: Dipl.-Jur. Joerg ten Eicken

VBU, Verband der Betriebsbeauftragten e.V.
Alfredstrasse 77-79
45130 Essen

Dora Meyersberg
Alfredstrasse 77 - 79
45130 Essen
Phone: 0049-201-95971-15
Fax: 0049-201-95971-29

The association „Verband der Betriebsbeauftragten (VBU)“ represents the interests of environmental professionals by law. VBU was founded in 1988, meanwhile the association has about 600 German members.

All industrial sectors at present are characterized by extensive and far-reaching change-management-processes. VBU´s business is to represent the interests of its members regarding their professional, economical, social, political and legal concerns. The representation of these interests is the core-competence of VBU. In details:

· VBU takes his active part in politics and participates e.g. in the legislative procedure.

· VBU is a network. Members have the opportunity to get in touch with the other members for an interchange of views and opinions, of knowledge and experiences. In meetings and events members are informed about all kinds of topics regarding environmental professionals, such as legal questions.

· VBU gives its members paying an extraordinary fee legal protection and support in all legal questions und legal affairs in connection with their professional concerns (for example: labour law and criminal law). That includes: Advice concerning the contract, all other professional interests, representation versus the employer, representation in court, in urgent cases immediate advice via telephone or e-mail.

· VBU cooperates with other associations and businesses to offer exclusive conditions e.g. for further education, insurances, personnel consultants.

· VBU publishes its news in a magazine with useful information for exe-cutives and environmental staff. In the protected member area on the Internet you can get model contracts, leaflets etc.

VBU is a member of:
EFAEP European Federation of Associations of Environmental Professionals (EFAEP)