Federatie van Energieconsultants (FedEC)

Federatie van Energieconsultants (FedEC)

President: Isabelle Sternheim Address:

Federatie van Energieconsultants (FedEC) 
Johannes Geradtsweg 17b
1222 PK Hilversum Postbus 77
1200 AB Hilversum
Telephone: +31 35 683 88 33
E-mail: info@fedec.nl
Website: www.FedEC.nl



Denise Landzaat
Secretary of FedEC
John Geradtsweg 17b,
1222 PK Hilversum
PO Box 77,
1200 AB Hilversum
Tel. (035) 683 88 33
Fax (035) 683 36 88
Email: info@fedec.nl



FedEC stands for Federation of Energy consultants. FedEC was formed by a merger of two professional associations:. The Association of Energy Consultants and the Order of Energy Advisors FedEC has an authoritative opinion on the policies and regulations in the field of energy. The association has developed into strong partner for government and industry. FedEC aims to represent the collective interests of its members, promote the effectiveness of the profession and enhance its image. FedEC does this by promoting the sharing of knowledge and information and by influencing Dutch government policy, and by supporting members with the following services: advisory and advocacy on behalf of its members facilitating committees and consultative arenas organising training courses and examinations, certification and professional recognition Providing information about the profession and conducting promotional activities Publishing articles from members Participating in the development of a quality assurance and certification systems and standardisation of procedures and codes of conduct through relevant events.

TARGET GROUPS : Members come from independent advisors, energy coordinators at companies, knowledge institutes, teachers, academic staff and employees. FedEC know individual members and corporate members. The members comply with a code of ethics. Members who meet criteria for expertise and experience, may be included in the Register of Energy Consultants. Register Advisors may use the title rea (register energy advisor) perform. In addition FedEC has the capability of certification..

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES : FedEC offers its members a broad and topical range of training courses and seminars, attractive discounts for participation in this opportunity to be admitted to the Register of Energy Consultants, the ability to be certified consultant, the ability to their company profile, the opportunity to enhance the relationship network and exchange knowledge, the opportunity to become members of the Association of Energy Engineers, a free subscription to EnergieGids.nl , a free entry on the company in the annual FedEC guide and free attendance at thematic meetings.


COMMITTEES : FedEC has a series of committees working on Education, Training and Certification, Public Relations and Communications, International relations, Networking and a Policy Committee FedEC joined ENEP in mid 2014.