Col·legi d'Ambientòlegs de Catalunya
Col·legi d'Ambientòlegs de Catalunya




Col·legi Oficial d’Ambientòlegs de Catalunya

President: Susana Pascual

Vice-president: Marc Fernàndez


Carrer Muntaner, 81, 6è 1a.

08011 Barcelona.



Victoria Ferrer –COAMB manager.

Carrer Muntaner, 81, 6è 1a.


Phone: +34 93 304 21 09

Fax: +34 93 304 21 11


Business hours: mo-thu. from 9:00-14:00 and from 15:00-19:00

fri. from 9:00-15:00

The aim of COAMB is to represent and defend the environmentalists and their profession ensuring the professional ethics, and promoting respect for the environment in the society. COAMB grups all the environmental professionals in Catalonia.

It was created by law 12/2003, membership is compulsory and it is governed by their own statutes. COAMB is goberned by are the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. There is also the Economic Commission as an information and advisory organ.

The COAMB functions, to achieve its objectives, are the following:

a)     To facilitate their members the exercise of their profession and ensure that it is in accordance within the law, deontology, professional ethichs and dignity. determining the minimum conditions that guarantee freedom of action and independence of judgement in its performance

b)     To protect the rights and ensure the fulfilment of duties and obligations of memberships and professional societies.

c)      To exercise disciplinary authority over the memberships and professional societies in professional and environmental issues, in accordance with the law and the statute.

d)     To propose actions to the Government to order and regulate the access and the exercise of the profession.

e)     Participate in consultative organs of the Administration when required and collaborate in different levels and advise the administrations elaborating studies related to its purposes requested or made by their own initiative.

f)      Report information that affects the exercise of the environmental profession or the institution.

g)     Keep, and if it's appropriate, pursue the intrusion in the profession and establish rules that would prevent the unfair competition between environmentalists and other irregular activities in relation to the environmental profession, adopting measures and actions determined by law.

h)     Exercise the representation and defence of the profession in their territory with legitimacy to be part of litigations that affect the professional, general or collegial interests.

i)        Approve the budgets of COAMB and regulate membership contributions.

j)       Endose the projects, reports, evaluations and other works made by environmental scientists in the exercise of their profession, and distribute printed official licences to this purpose.

k)     Organize environmental courses and promote the continuing education of the members that guarantee their professional competence.

l)        Participate in the elaboration of the syllabus.

m)   Carry out scientific, cultural, social and laboral care plans with the purpose of promoting scientific, cultural, social and professional life of the association members.

n)     Encourage the use of the Catalan language among members, institution and social fields where the environmental profession is made.

o)     Create and manage the registration of professional societies of COAMB, according to current legislation.

p)     Any other public function related directly or indirectly with their nature, or that is entrusted by law or by delegation of the Administration, and all the other features that are beneficial for the professional interests and goals, focused on achive the aims of COAMB.