Asociación Técnica para la Gestión de Residuos y Medio Ambiente

Asociación Técnica para la Gestión de Residuos y Medio Ambiente

President: Dr. Ing. Julián Uriarte Jaureguízar

CEO: Mr Rafael Apraiz Egaña - Vicepresident - Executive Director

C/Costa 12-14, 5º Dpto. F
48010 Bilbao (Vizcaya)

Mr Rafael Apraiz Egaña
C/Costa 12-14, 5º Dpto. F
48010 Bilbao (Vizcaya)
Phone: +34 94 464 19 90
Fax: +34 94 424 38 54

ATEGRUS is the Spanish Technical Association for Waste Management and Environment, a non-profit making organization, created in 1974.

ATEGRUS is also the National Member and only Spanish representative of the International Solid Waste Association – ISWA.


ATEGRUS® is also member of:

  • European Compost Network-ECN
  • European Federation of Associations of Environmental Professionals-EFAEP
  • AENOR-  Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification and CEN- European Standardization Committee

The Association has collaboration agreements with:

  • AIDIS- Asociación Iberoamericana de Ingeniería Sanitaria-,
  • IULA- International Union of Local Authorities-,
  • APESB - Asociación Portuguesa para Estudios de Saneamiento Básico-, National Member of ISWA in Portugal,
  • APEMETA- Asociación Portuguesa de Empresas Medioambientales-.


ATEGRUS® holds the Secretariat of the Technical Normalization Committee 134 of AENOR (Spanish Normalization Association), in charge of the standardization of all waste management equipment in Spain.

ATEGRUS is the only Spanish organization involved in all waste management systems, urban cleansing and environment. Its members are municipalities, public institutions, private companies, universities, research centres and technicians from this sector.


The main objectives of ATEGRUS are:
- To put together all parties involves in environmental management, in order to join efforts and criteria
- To establish a joint co-operation among equipment manufacturers, service companies, engineers and technicians in order to share experience
- To contribute to the progress and update waste management, environmental and public cleansing techniques
- To stimulate research, statistics, training and public awareness
- To get in contact through co-operation agreements with those organisations and national and international associations related to the environment.



- Annual/Biannual Conferences on: Waste Management and Treatment, Energy from Waste, Bioenergy, Organics Treatment and Recovery, Recycling, Coast and Beaches, Landfills, Waste Collection, Transportation and Transfer Technologies, Management of Urban Hygiene in Cities, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development in Cities, Smart Cities, Climate Change, etc.
- Iberoamerican Conferences on Waste
- ISWA Beacon Conferences
- Workshops
- Working Groups on: AENOR 134 Technical Normalization Committee, Landfilling, Waste Transportation and Collection, etc.
- Specialized Committees
- AL-INVEST cooperation meetings: ATEGRUS® also acts as an organizer and collaborator in the European Program Al-Invest aimed at carrying out sectorial meetings between small and medium European and Latin American companies
- Organization of the contest "Escobas de Plata, Oro, Menciones Especiales y Platino" every 2 years since 1987, that rewards municipalities and companies for their efforts in street cleaning and waste management and in improving the environment
- Awards “Concurso Escobas Plata®, Oro® y Platino®”, “Premios Bioenergía” y “Bandera Ecoplayas”


The association is represented by the internet portal "ON WASTE",