Association of Swiss Environmental Professionals
Association of Swiss Environmental Professionals


President: Thomas Glatthard, dipl. Kulturingenieur ETH
Secretary: Silvia Müller
Brunngasse 60, Postfach, 3000 Bern 8, Switzerland
T: +41 (0)31 311 03 02
F: +41 (0)31 312 38 01
Introducing asep
What is asep?
asep is a professional association of environmental specialists, working in the private sector, public administrations, academic institutions or NGOs. Members of asep come from many different environmental fields of activity:
  • Environmental planning and engineering
  • Training and certification
  • Habitat and resource protection
  • Environmental communication, law and economics
  • Environmental consultancy
  • sustainable construction
  • Applied research etc.
Membership of asep is open to all persons with appropriate education and professional experience (at least 6 years together).
The asep commitment
asep makes statements about professional issues connected with the environment. In the public it actively lobbies for the joint interests of its members. asep members are acknowledged experts on environmental issues.
Public presence
With its 600 members, asep is an important stakeholder for developments in the environmental sector, especially regarding (legal) assessments and matters of environmental education and training. Since 2003, the role as one of the 22 professional associations of and the cooperation with SIA (Swiss Engineers and Architects) has remarkably enhanced its political impact.
Publication of the directory of services (DLV) receives wide attention. In addition, the internet publication ( of the DLV and a full directory of members, listing their areas of expertise, enhances asep’s public image.
asep unites environmental specialists
asep unites clients and contractors, technicians and scientists, employees and self-employed persons. Through its activities, it promotes contacts and exchanges between its members. asep is a major source of environmental information; information about new developments is published electronically almost daily. The association’s bulletin keeps its members informed about activities within the association and establishes a liaison between ExCo and members. Professional articles are published in existing specialist periodicals, including the professional journals of SIA.
Principles of asep
The activities of asep members promote the sustainable development of our environment. With that end in view, members respect the principles included in the statutes:
  • Nature has its own inherent value (in dubio pro natura).
  • Man is an integral part of the biosphere.
Through their work, the members of the association accept responsibility for sustainable use of the environment.
Development and ...
asep was founded in 1980, originally as an association of independent biologists. The association was incorporated as a response to the limited public recognition and reputation of environmental experts by comparison with engineers and architects. Since then, asep has constantly adjusted itself to changes in the professional sphere. The latest step was taken in January 2003 when asep became a specialist association within the SIA. As an environmental association, asep is a strong partner of SIA and has gained greater weight on the Swiss environmental scene.
... goals
Today, asep is a professional association which defends the professional interests of its members. It protects those interests in public and at the same time guarantees the quality of the work done by its members. It maintains ongoing contacts between members and establishes relations with many entities of the Swiss Confederation, the Cantons, other environmental associations and the numerous SIA commissions. The association promotes the prestige of environmental specialists to the general public.
Official bodies of asep:
  • General Assembly of Members (annual)
  • Admission and Arbitration Committee
  • ExCo (management, ca. 9 persons) and its Presidential Committee (3 persons)