Association Française Interprofessionnelle des Ecologues
Association Française Interprofessionnelle des Ecologues



President: Louis-Philippe Blervacque

Association Française Interprofessionnelle des Ecologues
AFIE / Pôle Syneo Secrétarait AFIE Village Entreprises, Bâtiment E.2,
30 rue Josquin Desprez,
Valenciennes, 59300, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France


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Tel.: +33 0327216415


AFIE is the principal French association supporting professionals in the fields of applied ecology and biodiversity conservation. It was established in 1979 and currently has approaching 200 members drawn from environmental consultancies, government agencies, industry, teaching/research organisations, local authorities and voluntary environmental organisations. Most of our members are from France ; however we have a steadily growing number of French-spoken country members.

The objects of AFIE are:

· To establish, uphold and advance the standards of education, qualification, competence and conduct of those who practice ecology as a profession and for the benefit of the public in France.

· To advance the practice and understanding of ecological principles and environmental management for the benefit of all professional sectors.

· To further the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity and maintenance of ecological processes and life support systems essential to all human beings and the other forms of life on Earth.