Resource Efficiency

Corinne LEPAGE Member of European Parliament and former Minister of  Environment, will address a breakfast hosted by AFITE on 3rd February in the French Senate in Paris.  An invitation to the breakfast briefing has been extended to interested members from ENEP.

In April the European Commission launched a consultation to inform the evaluation of the implementation of the EU Ecolabel Regulation (EC) 66/2010 by collecting views from stakeholders on the implementation of the EU Ecolabel Scheme, a voluntary environmental labelling scheme designed to promote products with reduced environmental impact and through this contribute to a more efficient use of resources and a higher level of environmental protection.

Green Week is the biggest annual conference on European environment policy. The 2014 edition of Green Week will take place from 3 to 5 June 2014 at The Egg Conference Centre in Brussels. This year's theme is ‘Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency & Waste’. ENEP will be among the around 40 exhibitors displaying, among others, green business solutions, NGO activities and local and regional authorities. Our stand will provide delegates with information about ENEP and the opportunities to work with other professionals throughout Europe on waste and resource efficiency issues.

During the European Week of Waste Reduction Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik called for a revolution in European waste management. The ambition of the Commission is to accelerate a move up the waste hierarchy, Potočnik told an audience at the WRAP annual conference.

The European Union’s executive, the European Commission has published its 2014 work programme and priorities. The Commission has placed promoting growth and jobs at the heart of the programme. It has argued initiatives proposed at European level should support economic recovery and job creation and tackle the social consequences of the financial crisis. The Commission also stresses that Europe’s challenges also go beyond the economy and that EU action is needed to promote environmental standards.

At a conference in Brussels on the role of plastic waste in a circular economy, Commissioner Potočnik argued, “let’s keep the fantastic and get rid of the drastic”. Potočnik spoke of the need for the Commission to examine carefully the use of plastic and its disposal. There is a pressing need to reduce the amount of production of plastic items that are thrown out immediately. The speech was part of DG Environment’s focus on waste and follows the publication of green paper on plastic waste. The European Parliament is expected to produce an opinion on the green paper soon.

The European Commission has launched a consultation with Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) on the role played that environmental labels play in promoting access for green products to the single market.  The consultation is part of series of measures under the ‘Green Action Plan’ which aims to promote resource efficiency amongst SMEs.

ENEP will participate in the 2013 EEB Annual Conference which will this year focus on the interface between economy and environment. With the economic crisis that began more than five years ago having turned out to be more than a temporary blip, there is an opportunity and indeed an obligation for Europe to look for long term solutions – solutions that respect environmental and social imperatives – so that any recovery is genuine and sustainable and does not exacerbate environmental problems, rather the opposite.