ENEP Project Assistant, Freddie van Mierlo attended a Committee of the Regions stakeholder meeting on the new EU forests strategy (see also Newsflash 27). The Committee of the Regions represents the interests of cities and regions in the EU and must be consulted on legislative proposals.

The EU and Indonesia have signed a historic trade agreement, which will contribute to halting the trade in illegal timber. The agreement will see Indonesian timber and timber products systematically checked under an independently monitored traceability system to ensure they are produced in compliance with relevant Indonesian legislation. Indonesia is by far the largest Asian timber exporter to the EU, so the agreement is a big step towards controlling levels of deforestation. READ PRESS RELEASE

A long-awaited EU forest strategy that addresses increasing demand for wood whilst making sure that EU forests are sustainably managed has been published by the European Commission this week.  The EU currently contains 5 % of the world's forests. Its forests have continuously expanded for over 60 years, although recently at a slower rate.