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Pierre Moscovici, the French Commissioner, speaking on behalf of the EU executive, at the closing session of the Paris Clean Air Forum said that Member States inaction is a key brake on efforts to improve air quality.  In particular, he criticised Member States for not having been bold enough to introduce green taxes.  Whilst some Member States were seeking to modernise their tax systems as a means to decarbonise their economies and comply with the recently agreed climate targets, not enough was been done across the Member States and in particular no immediate plans for fiscal reforms that

Last week, at the Paris Clean Air Forum, attended by Bruno Weinzaepfel from AFITE, the European Commission and the European Environment Agency launched their new Air Quality Index and an Air Quality Atlas.The Air Quality Index has a user-friendly interactive map that shows the local air quality situation, based on five key pollutants that harm people's health and the environment: particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), ground-level ozone(O3),nitrogen dioxide(N

The European Commission and national governments are currently considering options for a shorter renewal period for Glysophate, a controversial agricultural herbicide, after the European Commission’s proposal to extend the permit for glyphosate for ten years was rejected this week in the European Parliament. Although not legally binding, the European Parliament’s resolution this week calling for a full phase-out of glyphosate before 2022 heaps pressure on the member states to call for an outright ban in response to widespread public concern across the EU.

The effectiveness of the EU Forestry sector has been questioned by MEPS recently. Commissioner Phil Hogan was forced to accept that the MEPS questions were justified as he sought to defend the Commission’s right to legislate in the sector.

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The High Level Group of the Commission's new Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) has published its first opinion. It focuses on enhancing the measurement of CO2 emissions from cars. The independent group of eminent scientists welcome the introduction of the new emissions testing procedure as from 2017 that is expected to provide more representative CO2 emission measurements.

News of the European Commission's emerging agenda for “better regulation" is the subject of discussion in Brussels .In particularly, the European Commission is seeking to call on the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers to prioritise initiatives that would simplify or improve existing laws, make sure that the laws already in effect have been properly evaluated, to see whether existing tools could be used to do the job and systematically include — in every new law — provisions to allow monitoring and future evaluation.

The review of the EU’s nature laws now underway should not lead to their being weakened, European Commission vice-president Frans Timmermans told MEPs on 9th of March.  Mr.