Consult 2017 call deadlines for Horizon 2020 Climate, Environment, Energy and Circular Economy programmes

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Energy Policy


Consultation on the list of proposed Projects of Common Interest

13th March 2015

Stakeholder consultation on exemptions from the substance restrictions in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS Directive)
Deadline 09/01/2015

Consultation on the Renewal of three ELV Exemptions
Deadline 09/12/2014

The following public consultations in relation to the environment are currently open. Topics include chemicals, water services and biodiversity/ecosystems.

An overview of all environment consultations, including results of previous consultations, can be found here:


INTERREG EUROPE, the interregional cooperation programme 2014-2020 intended to assist European regions in designing and implementing regional policies through best practices and knowledge exchange, is being further developed through the input of Partner State representatives and stakeholders. Focus areas of the programme are the EU Structural and Investment Funds programmes for Growth and Jobs and programmes under the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) goal.

The European Commission launched a public consultation on the lifecycle impact of buildings, in advance of a communication which is expected at the beginning of 2014.  Building currently account for 40% of energy use in Europe and a less wasteful approach to their power consumption is at the heart of EU plans for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  The anticipated Commission communication is likely to focus on resource use in a broader sense – to look at embodied energy in buildings, water us

The European Commission has launched a consultation with Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) on the role played that environmental labels play in promoting access for green products to the single market.  The consultation is part of series of measures under the ‘Green Action Plan’ which aims to promote resource efficiency amongst SMEs.

A European Commission consultation has opened on the future of energy labelling and ecodesign directives in the EU. The consultation which will be open until the 30th November is expected to feed into an evaluation of the effectiveness of the two directives. Stakeholders are being asked to give their views on the rules’ effectiveness and options to improve them. The consultation considers the introduction of new energy classes to reflect constant advances in product design. through a new A++++ grading.

In response to a European Commission Green Paper consultation on post 2030 energy targets many European governments have expressed unease about the effects of low-carbon policies on economic competiveness, and about the impact of renewables’ variability and subsidies on energy markets.

The European Commission launched a consultation on how to use phosphorus in a more sustainable way. Phosphorus is widely used in agriculture and is an essential component in fertilizer and feed, but it is a non-renewable resource. Supplies are limited and much phosphorus is currently wasted, creating concerns about future supplies in the EU and worldwide. The consultation asks how to ensure that reserves are available for future generations, and about ways to minimise the undesirable side effects phosphorus use can have on the environment.