Transparency was the hot topic at Thursday’s 4.30pm session ‘Air Quality & Industrial Emissions: BAT Conclusions and their Impact on Air Quality’. BAT conclusions are used in writing BREFs, which are documents whose purpose is to keep technical legislation up to date without having to restart any lengthy process for new legislation in Brussels. Essentially it is like changing the small text on a contract without signing a new one. Unsurprisingly the conference centered on explaining how the IPPC ‘Sevilla Process’ for BREFs is fully inclusive and fair to all stakeholders.

After a thought provoking video on air quality from the European Environment Agency, Green Week 2013, was officially launched by Commissioner Potočnik with the objective of covering nearly 90 session topics relating to air quality. Speaking off the record, the Commissioner underlined the urgent need for resource efficiency and sustainable consumption and the promotion of zero impact economies. Human behaviour is one of the key drivers accelerating the deterioration of European air quality.