biocidal products

During their upcoming meeting on 17 October 2013 in Brussels, Environment Committee members will vote on a report on Biocidal products amending regulation and on a resolution on Green infrastructure - Enhancing Europe's Natural Capital. They will also consider a draft own initiative report on food crisis, fraud in the food chain and the control thereof and will hold an exchange of views with the Deputising EFSA Executive Director Bernhard Url on the functioning of the EFSA health claims authorisation system.

A new Regulation on biocidal products has come into effect on 1st September that will increase safety and simplify the authorisation procedure of biocides. Biocides are chemicals used to suppress harmful organisms such as pests and germs (i.e. moulds and bacteria). They include insect repellents, disinfectants and industrial chemicals like anti-fouling paints for ships and material preservatives. The new Regulation allows EU-wide authorisation for biocidal products, which will enable industry to directly place their products on the entire EU market.