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EU technical workshop on knowledge base and spatial and technical data for GI and restoration

EU technical workshop on knowledge base and spatial and technical data for GI and restoration

Operationalisation of information and knowledge currently available on ecosystems and their services in Europe to guide policy decisions on GI and restoration

Draft Agenda

Brussels, BELSPO, 24 & 25 October 2016

24 October



Registration and coffee


Welcome and introduction


The objectives and content of the workshop will be presented, and a brief update on latest Target 2 related developments will be made by DG ENV


Presentation of EU mapping and assessment tools


Presentation by EEA of tools to inform strategic green infrastructure planning in Europe and mapping and assessment methods


Presentation by JRC of mapping and spatial information tools to assess ecosystems services and green infrastructure


Example of a transnational Green Infrastructure network (Alpine Convention)



13.00 – 16.00

Breakout sessions: How can mapping and assessment methods and tools inform and contribute to EU and MS strategic GI planning and restoration prioritisation, including to TEN-G; with a focus on:


Strategic planning of green infrastructure and restoration in cities: in cooperation with ESMERALDA and a MAES Urban GI pilot partner  (city of Trento)


Strategic planning of green infrastructure and restoration in the wider countryside: Illustration with the GUIDOS toolbox and other methods.


Breakout sessions – Cities and Wider Countryside (See items 6 to 10)


Coffee break


Report from breakout sessions in a plenary setting and discussion


End of day one.

25 October



Welcome coffee


Links between ecosystem condition, ecosystems services supply, ecosystem restoration, and the deployment of Green Infrastructure


Relationship between ecosystem services supply and land pressure: EEA approach to Ecosystem condition with a case study based on the DPSIR framework illustrated with the Netherlands: EEA and ETC ULS


The importance of Green Infrastructure and ecosystem restoration for the full implementation of EU Nature Directives: ENV D3


Coffee break


Discussion on the main challenges (both conceptual and technical) to tackle in the near future so that European-level mapping and assessment methods and tools help support national/regional/local green infrastructure planning and vice versa


Conclusion and next steps 



Issue 51