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European Commission seeks stakeholder opinions in open consultations

The European Commission is currently holding a number of ongoing public consultations related the environmental field:

1. European Commission public consultation on the Green Action Plan for SMEs 

Deadline: 12th December 2013

Through this public consultation the Commission wishes to collect stakeholders’ views on the most effective support measures for SMEs in all sectors to become more resource efficient and sell internationally green products and services and which actors are best placed to help SMEs in the process.

For the purpose of this consultation, resource efficiency should be understood in a wide sense that encompasses the efficient use of energy (including renewable energy), water and other natural resources, materials, the minimisation of waste, the selling of scrap material to another company and recycling.

The results of this public consultation will be used to shape the actions aimed at promoting resource efficiency for and by SMEs to be included in the forthcoming Green Action Plan for SMEs. 

Participation in this public consultation is though an on line questionnaire, which can be found HERE.

Further information can be found on the consultation page of DG Enterprise and Industry

2. Consultation on the establishment of a quantitative reduction headline target for marine litter

Deadline: 18th December 2013 

DG Environment is seeking contributons to a consultation a target for the reduction of marine litter. Contributions are particularly sought from representatives of the waste management, plastic producer/recycling, fisheries and shipping sectors, as well as consumers, NGOs and international, national and sub-national authorities with responsibility for tackling marine litter. The results of the consultation will be used as one of the bases for formulating a Union-wide quantitative headline reduction target for marine litter

Further information and the online question can be found HERE 

3. European Commission consults on marine biotechnology

Deadline: 10th Febuary 2014

DG Maratime affaires and fisheries launched a consultation this week on marine biotechnology. The Commission beleives marine biotechnology has the potential to help in addressing some of today's greatest challenges, including those relating to health, food supply, environmental sustainability, energy security and others. .

In this initiative, the Commission focuses particularly on the cutting-edge innovative applications of marine biotechnology. Whilst this part of the marine biotechnology sector currently only takes the form of a niche market of high value added products and processes, some suggest that there is a strong potential for it to grow and develop further to become an important contribution to smart, inclusive and sustainable growth in Europe.

In the context of this initiative, the Commission may develop an impact assessment study, which would explore the potential of the marine biotechnology sector into detail, propose possible options to facilitate the development of the sector and analyse their corresponding social, environmental and economic impacts and inform further policy steps.

For this purpose the Commission is now launching a public consultation. Its aim is to gather information about the sector as whole and individual stakeholders, and establish a robust understanding of its strengths and weaknesses and also of the risks and opportunities that further development of the industry could involve. 

Contributions are to be made via the online questionaire

Further Information can be found on the consultation page of DG Maratime and Fisheries

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