Vision and Values

ENEP is the European Network of Environmental Professionals (previously known as EFAEP - The European Federation of Associations of Environmental Professionals). It represents 22 European Environmental Organisations and over 45,000 individual professionals. ENEP is the leading environmental professional networking organisation across Europe.

ENEP seeks to influence and implement the environmental agenda throughout Europe. It aims to do so by being respected for its adherence to sound, objective science rather than political lobbying but will be proactive where scientific or technical evidence supports it. Where possible it will also use its influence within the wider global context and beyond the European boundaries.

ENEP is uniquely placed to promote and co-ordinate the many and varied aspects of environmental work and environmental professionals but prides itself on its ability to  maintain the separate identities of its member organisations.

ENEP believes environmental professionalism is one of the essential prerequisites for achieving sustainability, so we have created a Platform to help build a professional community which promotes knowledge sharing, cross-border integration and an arena to positively influence and implement policy, science and education.