Join ENEP now!

What is ENEP?
ENEP is a network of national federations of environment and energy professionals throughout Europe.

Who can join ENEP?
Any national level body whose objectives comply with the statutes and bylaws of ENEP can apply to join ENEP.

How much does it cost to join?
As a non-profit body ENEP charges a minimal membership fee that equates to 1.25 euros per member. In addition, minimum (250 euros) and maximum (7500 euros) membership fees exist to ensure ENEP membership represents value for money to both national associations and their individual members.

What services can we benefit from?

Monthly Newsflashes

ENEP members all receive a monthly newsflash detailing important developments from Brussels in environmental and energy policy, with a focus on the interests concerning our membership base: compliance, risk management and emerging legislation. Useful for monitoring specific changes in the EU political landscape and horizon scanning for useful topics, ENEP newsflashes are a valuable tool for national associations and their members. 

Access to experts, partnerships & EU funding opportunities 

ENEP members will have exclusive access to frequently updated lists: for EU conferences, calls for experts, partner searches and EU funding deadlines. ENEP meticulously searches on a daily basis for opportunities for its members. 

Opportunity to create, lead and participate in Thematic Task Forces

Recently several Thematic Task Forces have been initiated by ENEP members covering key topical themes such as the REFIT in nature directives and energy efficiency. The concept of the ENEP TTF is to create an environment for members to share knowledge, publish research papers and engage in consultations at the EU level. Creating new Thematic Task Forces couldn't be simpler. Planned topics to address in 2017 include water, the circular economy and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Bulletin - Latest news from our network (GA, side events, member conferences & workshops)

Members will have access to the latest updates on our work in Brussels and throughout Europe. The ENEP EXCO (Executive Committee), made up of members and paid staff operate under transparent rules and publish their key activities in the Bulletin that is published at least three times a years. All General Assembly minutes are also available to members on our website.

Each ENEP Bulletin also features a range of articles and discussion pieces on a topical theme in our ‘Space for debate’ section. There are considerable opportunities for members to contribute to this publication.

Access to a member shared calendar of events and initiatives
Advertise your events and call for experts and participants via a shared online calendar

Latest news from ENEP on the social networks

Please feel free to monitor and follow us on the social networks, TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn, where we draw your attention to the latest news in Brussels and from our associations throughout Europe.

Access to the Expert platform to advertise individual profiles and access expertise

The ENEP Platform is intended to provide a knowledge base and an information interchange tool between Environmental Professionals, Public Institutions and Private Organizations searching for personnel and expertise 

  • Environmental Professionals can upload their profile, expertise, publications and projects on the ENEP Platform and be found by other professionals, organisations or Public Bodies who are interested in their expertise. The visibility level of all information can be personalised in order to have full privacy control.
  • Organisations in the environmental sector can use the ENEP Platform to recruit personnel or to search the expertise they need for a particular task.
  • Public Authorities can use the ENEP Platform to find environmental professionals who can support them in the drafting of new legislation or who can give them technical advice.