EMS Working Group

EMS Working Group

The ENEP – EMS Expert Group strives to coordinate the efforts of Environmental and Sustainability Professionals across Europe on a National, European and International Level.

As  a working group under the umbrella of ENEP, the EMS Expert Group is uniquely placed to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences with regard to Environmental and Sustainability Management Systems and the  discussion of  potential changes while maintaining the separate identities of ENEPs member organizations. This experience can be used to increase the efficiency of standardisation work as an example.

The EMS Expert Group believes environmental management professionalism is one essential prerequisite for achieving sustainability. Main topic is to provide in the expertise from a professional prospect to the worldwide work and development of EMS-Standards, ISO 14001 (ISO/TC 207), EMAS (EU-Commission/Member States), (ISO/WG SR), GRI, etc.).

Members of the EMS Expert Group work as volunteers.  The  organisation and administration of the group is managed by the ENEP-member organisation VNU, a growing European Organisation for EMS-Professionals.

Objectives include:

contributing to the development of EMAS within the EU and other appropriate bodies;
instigating cooperation between Professional Environmental organizations;
encouraging cooperation and contacts between the individual environmental and sustainability management professionals who are the members of the organizations within ENEP;
providing, conferences and seminars, like the annual EMS FORUM, Brussels, on relevant environmental issues;
exchange of knowledge, information and experiences among members;
participation in the standardisation routine of related system standards, like ISO 14001 and 26000, EMAS, GRI etc.;
raising public awareness of current environmental management issues across Europe;
promoting the role of the Environmental Professionals in society at large.
We are looking forward to the participation of qualified persons who are interested in our work.

Favoured profile of members of ENEP – EMS Expert Group “Environmental & Sustainability Management Systems”:

The EMS Expert Group defines an EMS expert as being people with a recognised reputation and having many years of extensive knowledge of ISO 14001, EMAS or other relevant Environmental or Sustainability Management Systems, such as an environmental manager, lead auditor, verifier or certifier; ideally with membership in (inter)national committees and a strong networking background. The EMS Expert Group is keen to attract people for example from national or international standardisation and expert teams.

References so far:

Foundation in 2004
Representation of ENEP as a liaison-member in several subcommittees of ISO TC 207 (SC01 and SC02, members of the group are also active in SC04, SC07 although they do not officially represent ).
 involved in current revision of ISO 14001 and ISO 14004 via this activity
Liaison-member of FAB/FALB since 2000 and the EA-CC-Working Group ENV
Active input into the new EMAS-key performance indicator reference documents
Involvement in the current Revision of EMAS III to EMAS IV
Organisation of the European EMS Forum in Brussels through VNU since 2007.

Chairman: Matthias Friebel

Environmental Verifier

GWÖ Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsökologie

EMP Excellence Management Partners

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D 65812 Bad Soden/Ts.

Tel.: +49 (0)6196 24448

Mail: info@gwoe.de

Internet: www.gwoe.de


ISO 14001 CD2 Approved and Scheduled for Commenting

Technical Committee ISO/TC 207 meets annually for the ongoing development of the standards of the ISO 14000 series. Revision of ISO 14001 and ISO 14004 was started in 2012. Your organisations are represented in this work via the European Network of Environmental Professionals (ENEP).