Biodiversity Working Group

Biodiversity Working Group

Established in May 2010, the ENEP Biodiversity Working Group (BioWG) brings together experts with both academic knowledge and professional experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors. The ENEP Biodiversity Working Group seeks to use its collective expertise to contribute to the development of future biodiversity policies, strategies or targets. Providing insight into different regional and national solutions will assist efforts to speed up the mainstreaming of policy efforts.

The Biodiversity Working Group has been created to:

  • Build capacity in ecology as a profession across Europe.
  • Encourage the use of green infrastructure; ecosystem and catchment approaches and tools.
  • Inform policy changes through our network of environmental professionals who will work to bring together academic knowledge and experiences from practice.
  • Share these best practice insights with other environmental professionals and decision makers in relation to present or future policies, strategies or targets

In particular, the working group has discussed in detail the recent publication of the Commission’s strategy on Green Infrastructure.

Green infrastructure is often cheaper and more durable than alternatives provided through conventional civil engineering. Biodiversity-rich parks, green spaces and fresh air corridors can for example mitigate the negative effects of summer heat waves. In addition to the health and environmental benefits, green infrastructure also brings multiple social benefits: it creates jobs and makes cities more appealing places to live and work. And it allows for wildlife to thrive, even in an urban context.

Specifically, the Biodiversity Working Group will continue to seek input to a number of the key EU priorities included within the European Biodiversity Strategy:

Promoting green infrastructure in the main policy areas through European Commission guidance how green infrastructure can be integrated into the implementation of these policies from 2014 to 2020.

Improving research and data, strengthening the knowledge base and promoting innovative technologies that support green infrastructure.

Improving access to finance for green infrastructure projects – the Commission will set up an EU financing facility by 2014 together with the European Investment Bank to support green infrastructure projects

EU-wide network of green infrastructure - by the end of 2015, the Commission will carry out a study to assess the opportunities for a new network

Working group chair: Mike Barker